The Doux Box

WELCOME to workshops wherever you are!! Join us each month for our monthly DOUX Box (available in subscriptions OR per craft) and Doux it yourself, OR Doux it WITH us!!

Hey!! There is online school, online banking, online research, online friending... who says we can't have ONLINE WORKSHOPS??!! YES. WE CAN! We can all DOUX it- TOGETHER!! Join me for some super, awesome, in your jammies, with your cookies, and wine, and pets and friends (if you want) FUN! 

Each Doux Box will have its own workshop date and time in LIVE time via Facebook Live. Can't make the date and time? No problem! Get your kit anyways and check online to watch the corresponding video whenever you want! However, if you tune in and do your Doux Box WITH me it will allow real time, real live feedback through the comment section. Have a question? I'll answer it! Right then. How much more fun can it be?? Get yourself a Box. Get your friend a Box. Get your Mom a Box. Even if they are in a different city or state... guess what... we are ALL Doux-ing it TOGETHER!!

OR... Get some friends together and have a PARTY! DO IT! DOUX IT! Doux it NOW! Hahahaha! Each Doux Box will contain the necessary supplies to complete each project. You will need a few tools to have on hand (See the Doux Box Tool Kit add on. If you don't have tools- No Problem!). And each box will tell you the tools needed before you order your kit. We will be doing a new project each month, from signs, to home decor, to even furniture and cabinets. And each Box will include a coupon for our NEXT project. I can't WAIT to see all of you!! (well... I can't see you... but you know what I mean!)

So... What do I Doux now you ask??!! Order your Doux Box Workshop kit!! We'll mail it to you. Then tune in to our VCSPaint Facebook page on your workshop date, and we will DOUX IT together!!! See you SOON!

Order your February Doux Box NOW!!

March Doux Box

*Cutoff date to order and do (Doux) LIVE will it be listed with each box.

Do Fun. Do Stuff. Doux Box.