Project Tutorials

Vignettes Chalk-Style Paint Instructions

Vignettes Chalk–Style Paint provides excellent coverage on most surfaces, and leaves a beautiful velvety finish. Here are a few tips to help you get started on your project.

  1. Shake well– about 2 minutes before use. Use a stir stick to stir as needed.
  2. Wipe surface to be painted. A light sanding will provide extra adhesion. For best adhesion on glass, metal and non-porous surfaces, spray primer is recommended.
  3. For best results, use a natural bristle brush to paint your surface. Do not worry about technique! Just “slap it on” and cover the whole surface! As you paint, you may notice your strokes at first. Don’t panic! The strokes will blend as your project dries to give a natural, beautiful finish. Darker colors may require a second coat.
  4. For a distressed look, after the paint dries sand areas which would normally acquire wear (edges, rounded areas, raised pieces).
  5. Finish by applying a thin coat of clear wax in a circular motion. Buff to shine using a soft cloth, leather chamois or other buffing tool. Additional coats of wax will increase durability. If chalkboard surface is desired, do not wax.

If the paint appears too thick, add a little water and shake well. If it is too thin, leave the container open overnight, and shake well in the morning.

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